The next big thing in electricity: Pig poop?


Company will turn pig excrement into electricity

Renewable energy in North Carolina just took an interesting turn, as the state reached an agreement with an energy company to create electricity from pig waste.

Duke Energy will purchase pig poop from a facility in eastern North Carolina and will, in turn, use the methane gas from the waste to generate electricity at multiple power plants in the state.

Carbon neutral renewable energy

Methane gas captured from the poop will ultimately be used as a source at four separate power stations. According to Duke Energy, the electricity generated from the swine waste will be a completely carbon neutral renewable energy.

“The gas from this project will generate carbon neutral electricity compared to the emissions that would result if the waste was left to decay naturally.” — David Fountain, Duke Energy president.

15-year term

The agreement is a 15-year term, and Duke Energy anticipates generating 125,000 megawatt-hours (MWH) of renewable energy per year. If that production goal of 125,000 MWH is reached, the process could power up to 10,000 North Carolina homes per year.

Source → Duke Energy