More than a fifth of Minnesota electricity came from renewables in 2015

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Renewable energy sources made up 21 percent of MN electricity

A recent report from the Minnesota Department of Commerce noted that more than a fifth of all electricity generated in the state in 2015 came from renewable sources.

All told, 21 percent of Minnesota electricity came from renewable energy last year — a notable increase from the six percent level about 10 years ago.

Minnesota is well on pace to surpass the Renewable Energy Standard of 25% by 2025.

Posted by Minnesota Department of Commerce on Thursday, March 3, 2016

State on pace to meet goals

The results form 2015 put Minnesota well on its way to push past its Renewable Energy Standard of 25 percent by 2025, the Minnesota Department of Commerce said.

The Renewable Energy Standard goal comes from 2007 legislation, the Next Generation Energy Act, that set some of the most aggressive renewable energy goals in the nation.

Energy sources

Last year, renewable energy sources in the state included wind, solar, hydro and biomass.

Solar power generated less than one percent of the state’s electricity last year, but huge growth is expected in 2016, according to the Minnesota Department of Commerce. In fact, solar is expected to grow by a factor of 15 in 2016.

Source → Minnesota Department of Commerce