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The claims adjustor: Working toward a more favorable outcome

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The claims adjustor: Working toward a more favorable outcome

Your home or car has suffered a loss, and you expect a visit from the claims adjustor. What do you do? Use eyedrops and assume a pitiable expression? Well, no, but a proactive attitude can help you win a better settlement in the end.

Before the claims adjustor arrives, do your homework:

  • Make lists of lost belongings, including brand names and model numbers when applicable.
  • Search for receipts and warranties on lost items.
  • Take numerous photos of the damage from all angles, or retrieve old photos from family of your home before it was destroyed
  • If you’ve lost everything, make a list to the best of your memory of your belongings, and a description of your home. Include what you paid for items and when you bought them.
  • Don’t discard expensive damaged items until the claims adjustor completes the inspection.

When the claims adjustor arrives:

  • Remain available throughout the inspection to answer questions
  • Point out structural damage you have noticed

The home insurance company’s claims adjustor services are free, but if you are not satisfied with the thoroughness of the inspection or the amount of the claim check, consider hiring a public adjustor.

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