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Quick tips for switching home insurance

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Quick tips for switching home insurance

Switching home insurance policies made easy

When you buy a home, your intention is to move in and live there for years and years. But while you may plan to live in the home for decades, that doesn’t mean you plan to keep the same home insurance policy for that length of time.

So if you find more affordable home insurance rates and decide to give your old policy the boot in favor of the new one, here are a few quick tips to make the transition smooth.

Take advantage of multiple policy discounts

Some insurance companies offer discounts when you have multiple policies placed with them—like your life insurance, auto insurance, and homeowners insurance. After you get insurance quotes and you decide to switch policies, be sure to add on any other coverages that will help you save money.

Check insurer ratings

It’s easy to compare insurance quotes and find a cheaper policy—but it isn’t always easy to find a cheaper policy with a highly rated company.

Before you switch home insurance policies, be sure to check insurer ratings so that you don’t sign up with a company that has no financial security and could be unable to pay your claims. You can check the A.M. Best website for ratings.

Check deductibles

Your policy may have separate deductibles for events like hurricanes—and these deductibles may be hidden in the fine print. Be sure to compare the policy you have with the one being offered to make sure it is actually a better deal.

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