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Owning certain valuable items can affect your home insurance rates

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Owning certain valuable items can affect your home insurance rates

If you have very valuable items in your home, such as computers and other electronic equipment, antiques, jewelry, and art, you may choose to have very high personal property or contents coverage so that you can be made whole if your property is the victim of an insurable incident.

If the value of your possessions is very high or even exceeds the value of your home, you may need to get special insurance coverage or certificates for extremely valuable possessions whose value your policy simply can’t support.

In order to help you find an affordable way to cover your valuable items, make sure you’ve invested in an anti-theft device for your home. This will lower your risk of theft and will gain you favorable discounts from your insurer or those you request home insurance quotes from.

Once you buy the insurance, make sure you take a full inventory of your possessions and take pictures of them so that you have enough information to help a claims representative should you ever need to file a claim.

That way, you can prove the model number, condition, and number of items you have without question and be assured of receiving the value you’re entitled to.

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