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Choosing an insurance provider: What matters most to you?

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Choosing an insurance provider: What matters most to you?

What is the most important aspect of choosing an insurance provider? Cost? Coverage? Payout? A favorable blend of all three would be ideal, but if you have to choose, consider which aspect will be most important to you.


A constraining factor to many family budgets, perhaps now more than ever. Approach a company with all of your insurance needs to see which has the best deal on a multiple policy basis.

Buy direct from the company’s website to save the agent’s fee, but consider what you might want for the future. A local agent may understand the nuances of your region, and may be able to negotiate with claims adjustors in the event of a loss.

Or you may prefer to negotiate yourself – it’s all up to your comfort level. Whatever method you choose, be sure to compare insurance quotes and review costs from multiple companies.


As you compare prices, determine which company offers the best bargain for the product. Every company has different standards for underwriting policies. Don’t just compare prices, compare coverage and options, as well.


You get what you pay for – but not always with insurance. Don’t assume the most expensive policy will translate into better customer service and easier claims. Most consumers don’t take the time to research a company’s track record, but it’s easy to inquire at your state’s department of insurance.

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