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Two ways to reduce premiums with a teenage driver

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Two ways to reduce premiums with a teenage driver

How to lower auto insurance costs with teens on the policy

When your child turns 16, your auto insurance premiums will rise sharply. The following conditions may keep your premiums on the lower end of the arc:

1. Sign your teen up for a driver’s education course. These courses are offered at most public schools. If you have to pay for a private driver’s safety course, you can recoup the tuition in premiums in the long run.

2. Ask your agent about “good student” credits. If your teen makes a B average or a GPA of 3.1 or greater, you may qualify for a discount on your premiums. Most companies who carry this type of policy require that you provide a copy of the teen’s grade card every year.

If your auto insurance company does not offer these discounts for one reason or another, it may be time to starting shopping around for auto insurance quotes from other companies.

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