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What to do if you’ve been “crammed”

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What to do if you’ve been “crammed”

Have you ever been confused by what you saw on your telephone bill? You are not alone.

Service fee? Service charge? Account maintenance fee? Don’t just automatically assume that you should know what mysterious charges are. You may have been “crammed.”

define: Cramming
Cramming is the act of adding deceptive and/or misleading charges to a telephone bill without authorization from the customer.

Cramming charges come in all shapes and sizes and may be difficult to spot without a careful examination of your phone bill. But all charges that fall into this category have one trait in common – they were not authorized by you.

If you find a charge that may have been unauthorized, place a call to your phone company and request that it be removed.

For information about filing a “cramming” complaint, visit FCC consumer facts: Cramming.

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