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When is builder’s risk insurance necessary? When is builder’s risk insurance necessary?

Builder's Risk is a type of property insurance used during construction or a major renovation. This type of insurance can be an excellent layer of protection for the homeowner.

How to know if your savings and investments are safe How to know if your savings and investments are safe

Despite what investors would like to be true, there's no guarantee that your investments won't lose money.

Banking Tips


Are you getting the best deal on a checking account?
Banks vying for customers are known to offer tempting rewards to open new checking accounts. But is switching worth the hassle?

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Communications Tips


DSL can be more secure than cable
When comparing the DSL Internet service and cable Internet service, the security of your data transmissions should enter into the debate.

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Credit Cards Tips

Credit Cards

Charge a little every month
By now we all know to be on the lookout for changes to our credit card agreements in 2010. Want a quick tip on how to avoid new fees and unwanted changes? Charge a little every month.

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Insurance Tips


Auto insurance discounts to look for
Whether you are searching for a new policy or trying to save money on your current policy, be sure to find out about any discounts that may apply.

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Home Loans Tips

Home Loans

Mortgage rates: How low are they right now?
With 30-year fixed mortgage rates hovering below 5%, it actually is a good time to take advantage of low rates.

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