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Uses for dial-up Internet Uses for dial-up Internet

Don't expect to see a display of dial-up Internet providers at your next museum visit just yet. There are still uses for this type of ISP.

Tips on selling a home in today’s housing market Tips on selling a home in today’s housing market

What are some tips for selling a home on today's market? Fix it up, keep the lawn mowed, and price it strategically.

Banking Tips


Start an emergency savings fund
Maintaining an emergency savings fund should always be a top priority. In the current economy, this is especially true.

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Communications Tips


Consider buying your modem
When signing up for the Internet service, you may be asked whether you want to lease or buy the modem. Even if you are not asked, find out if you have the option.

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Credit Cards Tips

Credit Cards

Say goodbye to double-cycle billing
Double-cycle billing was the process of including your average balance over the past 60 days in the calculation for finance charges. The CARD Act addressed the use of this tactic.

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Insurance Tips


When is the right time to consider purchasing life insurance?
If you are wondering when you should take the plunge and get insurance quotes or purchase life insurance, then the answer is simple: Right now.

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Home Loans Tips

Home Loans

Questions to ask before refinancing your mortgage
There has probably never been a better time to consider refinancing. Here are some key questions that could mean the difference between refinancing and not.

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