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Tips on choosing home insurance Tips on choosing home insurance

No matter how an insurance company is recommended, the best way to find the best coverage for your needs is to ask a lot of questions about the policy.

Your credit report can affect your insurance rates Your credit report can affect your insurance rates

As if you needed another reason to keep your credit report crystal-clear, buying insurance is a good one.

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Savings rates: What to expect for the remainder of the year
Many signs point to the fact that savings account rates are likely to stay the same or even possibly fall a little bit more this year.

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Communications Tips


Consider buying your modem
When signing up for the Internet service, you may be asked whether you want to lease or buy the modem. Even if you are not asked, find out if you have the option.

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Credit Cards Tips

Credit Cards

Always avoid late payments
It happens to everyone at some point in life. As soon as you know you can't cover all of the bills due, make a priority list.

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Insurance Tips


Can you really save money by switching car insurance?
You really can save money by switching car insurance, especially if you go through certain life changes.

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Home Loans Tips

Home Loans

Mortgage rates: What to expect the rest of the year
Are mortgage rates more likely to rise, fall, or stay the same over the remainder of 2010?

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