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Mortgage rates: What to expect the rest of the year Mortgage rates: What to expect the rest of the year

Are mortgage rates more likely to rise, fall, or stay the same over the remainder of 2010?

Can you really save money by switching car insurance? Can you really save money by switching car insurance?

You really can save money by switching car insurance, especially if you go through certain life changes.

Banking Tips


Emergency planning: Give family members important documents
Make copies of important information, like insurance and bank documents, and store them away from your home in the event of a regional catastrophe.

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Communications Tips


Tips to choose the best cell phone plan
By answering a few basic questions, you can identify your cell phone needs and make a wise decision as to which cellular deals are right for you.

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Credit Cards Tips

Credit Cards

Your credit line may be reduced
In the past, credit line reductions were not a thing that those with excellent credit scores and unblemished payment histories would worry about. Not anymore.

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Insurance Tips


Choosing an insurance provider: What matters most to you?
What is the most important aspect of choosing an insurance provider? Cost? Coverage? Payout?

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Home Loans Tips

Home Loans

Be aware of refinancing fees
While comparing refinance rates is certainly a savvy move, some forget to compare all the other fees added on to the refinance by their banks.

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