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Six reasons to use automatic payments Six reasons to use automatic payments

If you haven't signed up for automatic payments for regular monthly bills, here are six reasons you should.

Are home equity loans still available to most? Are home equity loans still available to most?

Some people can still get equity loans, but if there is no equity in your home, chances are very slim.

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Getting a loan in a tough economy
Many consumers are really feeling the credit crunch and are having a hard time securing auto loans, home loans, and even new credit cards.

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What to know about family or shared plans
Shared plan (often called a family plan) options are a fairly recent and wonderful option offered by many wireless carriers.

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Credit Cards Tips

Credit Cards

Different credit cards and how they affect credit scores
Do different credit cards affect credit score differently? It's not which credit card you choose, but how you use it.

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Can you really save money by switching home insurance?
You truly can save money by switching home insurance, especially if you take actions that result in discounts.

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Home Loans Tips

Home Loans

Refinancing with zero equity
When you have a financial interest in your home through equity, it's much easier to get a bank to loan you money and refinance your existing mortgage.

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