Q&A: Making your home resistant to disasters

Q&A: Making your home resistant to disasters

20 Dec , 2011  

We have a laundry list of improvements to make to our home and plan to knock them out one by one. My question: What are the home improvements that can save you the most on home insurance right away?

There are a lot of different ways that you can work to lower your home insurance premiums, but some of the best are in ways that also make your home safer and increase its resale value.

Here are a few ideas that hit all of these points:

Bring your roofing up to code:

If you live in a hurricane prone state, this is especially relevant, but no matter where you live, there could be new building codes that, when applied to your own roof, improve its looks, safety and reduce your insurance premiums.

New windows and doors:

Windows and doors are not only a liability when storms come to town, but also when burglars come to your street. Doors and windows also help keep cool or warm air in—depending on the season.

Update your electricity and plumbing:

While there is no guarantee that your insurance company will take this into consideration when you compare insurance rates, sometimes updated plumbing and electrical systems can result in lower insurance premiums.

And even if they don’t result in lower premiums, they do make your home run more efficiently, reduce water and electric bills and are less likely to cause fires and floods.

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