Just three states left with no ban on texting while driving

Just three states left with no ban on texting while driving

25 Sep , 2013  

Texting while driving, and more broadly distracted driving, has received increasing attention over the past few years.

The spotlight has been on distracted driving for some time now, with the U.S. government launching Distraction.gov back at the start of 2010 as statistics started to pile up about the danger involved with driving while distracted.

The statistics are astounding. For example, 10 percent of all crashes that involved injury also involved distracted driving. And, unfortunately, the percentages push even higher when the demographic changes to younger drivers.

With the U.S. government pushing awareness, many U.S. states have also followed suit and passed various laws either banning or limiting distracted driving practices in the state. Oftentimes, the main culprit in distracted driving incidents is driving while texting, so that practice has received much focus from state legislators across the country.

As of September 2013, only three states remain with no ban at all in place regarding texting while driving. Arizona, Montana and South Carolina each has no ban in place for texting while driving.

A total of 41 states – plus the District of Columbia – have complete bans in place (all drivers) for texting while driving, while the remaining six states (Missouri, Mississippi, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Dakota and Texas) has partial texting-while-driving bans in place.

There is much variation between specific laws in individual states regarding texting-while-driving and other distracted driving practices, but it appears that the American public in general is taking notice of the dangers of distracted driving. If and when the final three states adopt either partial or complete bans, the entire country will be connected in its effort to curb dangerous driving habits.

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