Life insurance policy lost and found

Chart and structure of a life insurance policy

An unfortunate, but not uncommon, problem can occur when a family member dies but his or her life insurance policy cannot be found.

III: Life insurance costs often overestimated

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Term life insurance can be a cost-effective financial solutions for many families, the Insurance Information Institute (I.I.I.) said in a recent report.

III urges consumers to prevent being underinsured

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The Insurance Information Institute (I.I.I.) recently offered up tips to consumers to help them start 2012 off the right way.

Q&A: Is universal variable life insurance too risky?

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Many experts suggest that this type of life insurance is best suited for those who can afford the risks involved.

Q&A: Quick advice for the life insurance novice

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There are many benefits that you might not realize can help make your life insurance policy even more valuable.

Q&A: Advice for the life insurance beginner

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The primary purpose of life insurance is to enable your dependents to protect the family home and other assets should you pass away.

Q&A: Types of insurance you probably do not need

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When creating complete insurance plans, take care to decide which coverage is necessary and the cost of optional programs you may not need.

Q&A: Pros and cons of whole life insurance

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Whole life insurance offers permanent protection, savings, and tax deferred earnings, with low returns and more cost than term coverage.

Q&A: What type of life insurance is the most affordable?

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Saving money is always an important consideration, and it is certainly an important consideration when it comes to life insurance.

Pros and cons of permanent life insurance

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Although more expensive than term insurance, permanent life insurance also has an investment account that constantly builds up cash for you.