Just three states left with no ban on texting while driving

Texting while driving

As of September 2013, only three U.S. states remain with no ban at all in place regarding texting while driving.

Life insurance policy lost and found

Chart and structure of a life insurance policy

An unfortunate, but not uncommon, problem can occur when a family member dies but his or her life insurance policy cannot be found.

Late winter water problems bring home insurance into spotlight

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The late winter months often bring with them the threat of water damage to homes from multiple angles, so being aware of what is covered by home insurance and what isn’t can be critical to the financial well-being of home owners.

Credit scores increasing across the nation

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The number of consumers with credit scores in the subprime category dropped year-over-year, with improvement seen in many metropolitan areas, Equifax revealed in a recent report.

Northern California cities top the chart with highest credit scores

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Two metropolitan areas in northern California ranked highest in a recent study conducted by TransUnion that revealed metropolitan areas with the highest and lowest credit scores.

Increase in Webbing while driving adding to dangers on the road

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Not only is texting while driving a concern, but now Webbing while driving is occurring more frequently, State Farm said in a recent report.

Satisfaction with home insurance companies at record high

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Overall homeowner satisfaction with home insurance companies recently reached an all-time record high, J.D. Power and Associates said in a September report.

More than a third of consumers prefer to buy auto insurance online

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More than one of three consumers prefer to buy auto insurance online and the insurer’s website has a big impact on the decision-making process, J.D. Power and Associates said in a recent report.

Less than a third of renters have renters insurance

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Nearly seven of ten renters choose to go without renters insurance, the Insurance Information Institute ( I.I.I.) revealed in a recent report.

Lightning accounts for almost $1 billion in insurance costs in 2011

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Costs associated with lightning strikes totaled almost $1 billion in insured losses in 2011, the Insurance Information Institute (I.I.I.) said in a recent report.