Lower unemployment rates do not mean higher savings rates

12 Jul , 2011  

Personal Finance News

A recent report took a look at how state unemployment rates might be connected to average savings rates by state – with some surprising results.

Savings rates show a marked increase in certain states

21 May , 2011  

Personal Finance News

A recent study from Market Rates Insight (MRI) discovered that a number of states have seen savings rates rise this year.

Internet-only banks no longer have higher savings rates

26 Apr , 2011  

Personal Finance News

A recent report noted that the higher-than-average savings rates commonly associated with online banking institutions may be a thing of the past.

Savings rates to rise in 2011?

5 Apr , 2011  

Personal Finance News

A recent report from MRI noted that competition between banks should intensify this year, as banks look to increase consumer deposits.

Regional Vs. national banks: Which seem to be recovering faster?

4 Apr , 2011  

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The level of bank recovery, national or regional, is directly dependent on job market and real estate recovery of the U.S.

Consumers increase deposits to savings accounts

4 Mar , 2011  

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Domestic consumer deposits for checking accounts, money market accounts and savings accounts increased in the fourth quarter of 2010.

CDs, Money market accounts may not see returns soon

8 Feb , 2011  

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Despite recent positive economic news, interest rates on money market accounts and certificates of deposit may not rise for some time.

New report allows consumers to compare CD rates

11 Nov , 2010  

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In October, CD rates suffered another decline according to a recent report by Market Rates Insight.