Mobile banking popularity surges

26 Oct , 2012  

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The popularity of mobile banking has increased significantly since 2010, the American Bankers Association (ABA) said in a recent report.

Javelin: Consumers expecting more from online banking

11 Sep , 2012  

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Despite high consumer expectations about how helpful online banking can be, current solutions are not currently up to par, Javelin Strategy & Research revealed in a recent report.

Q&A: Correcting EFT errors

26 Nov , 2011  

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To correct banking errors, you must send proof, make the complaint by phone or mail and follow time constraints.

Usage of mobile banking apps skyrockets

8 Nov , 2011  

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The number of Americans accessing banking information on mobile devices increased sharply from Q4 2010 through Q2 2011, comScore said.

It’s “Bank Transfer Day” – Will big banks lose customers?

5 Nov , 2011  

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Bank account holders at big banks across the country may be taking their business to credit unions today, said Harris in a recent report.

Q&A: How to protect your checking account

16 Oct , 2011  

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There are many ways to protect your checking account, including not accessing your account on a public computer.

Q&A: Tips to avoid checking account fees

5 Oct , 2011  

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To avoid account fees, consider what services you need, don’t write NSF checks, get overdraft protection, and use your bank’s ATMs.

Survey: Majority of consumers pay zero bank fees per month

13 Sep , 2011  

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Despite the fact that many banks are raising fees in response to new regulations, more than two-thirds of bank customers avoid all monthly bank fees.

Goodbye free checking accounts?

12 Sep , 2011  

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A recent report from Javelin took an in-depth look at how the Durbin Amendment – which will go live in October 2011 – will affect the banking industry.

Q&A: Steps to take when one owner of a joint bank account dies

11 Jul , 2011  

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If your joint account owner dies, bring the original death certificate to your bank to transfer the account to your name alone.