Mobile banking popularity surges

26 Oct , 2012  

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The popularity of mobile banking has increased significantly since 2010, the American Bankers Association (ABA) said in a recent report.

Javelin: Consumers expecting more from online banking

11 Sep , 2012  

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Despite high consumer expectations about how helpful online banking can be, current solutions are not currently up to par, Javelin Strategy & Research revealed in a recent report.

It’s “Bank Transfer Day” – Will big banks lose customers?

5 Nov , 2011  

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Bank account holders at big banks across the country may be taking their business to credit unions today, said Harris in a recent report.

Incentive rates for CDs fall into negative territory

3 Aug , 2011  

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For the first time in at least a decade, the average rate of 12-month CD specials fell below that offered on basic CDs of the same term length.

Membership increases at credit unions

21 Jun , 2011  

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A recent report revealed that membership at credit unions increased by more than 725,000 in the 12 months ending March 31, 2011.

Bank deposits in FDIC-insured institutions at all-time high

15 Jun , 2011  

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Analysis from MRI took a look at recent consumer banking behavior and discovered a definite trend: a noticeable shift from term accounts to liquid accounts.

Inflation rate surpasses top CD rate

5 Jun , 2011  

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Market Rates Insight revealed that the annual inflation rate topped the rate of the highest-paying CD in early 2011.

Savings rates show a marked increase in certain states

21 May , 2011  

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A recent study from Market Rates Insight (MRI) discovered that a number of states have seen savings rates rise this year.

Internet-only banks no longer have higher savings rates

26 Apr , 2011  

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A recent report noted that the higher-than-average savings rates commonly associated with online banking institutions may be a thing of the past.

Report: Record amount of money sitting in savings accounts

12 Apr , 2011  

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Consumers are leaving money in liquid bank accounts in historic fashion, said a recent report from Market Rates Insight.