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Compare long distance plans easily with our in-depth, unbiased listings and reviews. You could be saving up to $500 per year with a cheaper long distance rate. Simply select your state below to get started in the comparison process.

Long Distance Rates and Plans

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Save up to 70% on your long distance phone bill

An easy way to save up to $500 per year.

Select your state to view the top 25 residential long distance phone plans and business long distance phone plans.

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Our Comprehensive List of Long Distance Carriers

AT&T - ECG - Opex - Total Call International - Primus - Qwest - Sprint - Unitel - Verizon - more...

About our Long Distance Comparisons

Reputable Companies

We only review reputable long distance companies. These companies offer regular 1+ long distance just like AT&T, MCI, Sprint etc... but for much less!
Quality Requirements

All plans and companies listed must meet our requirements of providing value, reliability, and full service customer support. See our promise page for more details.
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Consumers or businesses looking to lower their long distance phone bill.
We partnered with phonedog.com to provide unbiased long distance telephone provider, plan and rate comparisons. We make it easy for you to find a cheap long distance plan.

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About our comparisons of long distance rates and plans

We strive to provide comprehensive listings of long distance rates to help you find a long distance company and calling plan that meets your needs. We hope to make the comparison process simple and easy and, in the end, help you save money on your long distance costs. For more information about long distance phone service, visit our long distance FAQs.

Long Distance Tips

Know your “local long distance” rates

When talking about phone service, there are generally two types of calls: local calls and long distance calls. Not exactly. Read more

Long Distance Advice

The value of toll free numbers
The value of toll free numbers
Toll-free numbers are not just for big business. Instead, toll-free numbers can be an extremely useful and convenient option for individuals and businesses alike. In fact, toll-free numbers can be so affordable that they can be a means for families to stay in touch, stay safe and avoid costly collect calls in the case of an emergency. Read more

Control your long distance costs with prepaid calling cards
Control long distance costs with prepaid calling cards
Communication has never been more important than it is today, but all of those long distance calls can carry a hefty price tag. As a result, many people have been looking for ways to control the cost of their calling services, and prepaid services can be a big help in that regard. Read more

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Long Distance Tips

Are prepaid calling cards all the same?

Most, if not all, prepaid calling cards basically work the same way. But there are, of course, many differences between cards, as well. Read more

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Long Distance Rates and Calling Plans