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Mortgage Rates

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Compare mortgage rates for new mortgage loans. Search for loans available in your area and compare mortgage rates and lenders. Refine your search by choosing property location and loan details.

Mortgage Rates

Compare Mortgage Rates

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Mortgage Advice

Ten tips for buying a home
Ten tips for buying a home
Purchasing a home is not an endeavor that is done on a whim. Instead, it is a major enterprise that should take into consideration several different facets. It is possible to trim the cost of this purchase with a few simple strategies such as research and investigation. Read more

Pros and cons of each type of equity financing
Pros and cons of each type of equity financing
A home is perhaps the biggest investment anyone can make in his or her lifetime. Investing in a home can tie up a large portion of a homeowner's funds to the point where he or she may not have much left to utilize now or in the near future. Read more

Mortgage Calculators

Mortgage Required Income Calculator

Loan Comparison Calculator

Mortgage Required Income Calculator

Use this calculator to determine how much income you need to qualify for a mortgage and how different interest rates affect your required income.

Loan Comparison Calculator

Use this calculator to sort through the monthly payments, fees and other costs associated with comparing loan options.

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About our comparisons of mortgage rates

We strive to provide comprehensive listings of mortgage rates to help you find a home loan that meets your individual needs. We hope to make the comparison process simple and easy and, in the end, help you save money on your mortgage loan costs. For more information about mortgages, visit our Mortgage FAQs.

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Consumers putting their money in different places now

Loan News

Consumers putting their money in different places now

A recent report from credit giant TransUnion took a look at where people are now putting their money and had some interesting findings. Read more

Loan Tips

Use your bank’s ATM

Nearly all banks charge a fee when a customer uses an ATM that does not belong to the bank. This is why you should use your bank's ATM as often as possible. Read more

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Loan Calculators

Mortgage Qualifier Calculator
Mortgage Qualifier Calculator

The first step in buying a house is determining your budget and estimating how much you may be able to afford.

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