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The basics of home insurance coverage
The basics of home insurance coverage
Home insurance covers your home and the things you keep in it. Home insurance provides financial protection against specific disasters, as well as other events and incidents identified in your policy. Know what is covered and what is not to avoid misunderstandings when filing your claims. Read more

What to know about water damage and your home insurance
What to know about water damage and home insurance
Water damage is one of the most commonly cited reasons in claims on home insurance. This should not come as a surprise considering the many possible causes of water damage. However, not all claims for damages due to similar causes will be paid by insurance companies. Here's what to know. Read more

How much homeowners insurance do you need?
How much homeowners insurance do you need?
It is only sensible to secure any investment that you make, and even more so if it is your home. The best measure you can take to protect your home is to have homeowners insurance. But for how much should you insure your home? Determining exactly how much homeowners insurance you need requires some careful thinking on your part. Read more

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We strive to provide comprehensive listings of home insurance in Washington to help you compare home insurance quotes quickly and easily. We hope to simplify the comparison process, and, in the end, help you find the best homeowners insurance rates in Washington. For more information about home insurance, visit our home insurance FAQs.

Late winter water problems bring home insurance into spotlight

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Late winter water problems bring home insurance into spotlight

The late winter months often bring with them the threat of water damage to homes from multiple angles, so being aware of what is covered by home insurance and what isn't can be critical to the financial well-being of home owners. Read more

Insurance Tips

Evaluate your deductibles

With almost any insurance policy, there is a relatively quick way to decrease your premium for that policy: Increase your deductible. Read more

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