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Homeowners insurance 101
Homeowners insurance 101
If you own the home that you live in, you must have homeowners insurance - no exceptions. But are there any circumstances when you don't need this coverage? Or are there any situations when you could decline to purchase it? Read on for more. Read more

What to know about water damage and your home insurance
What to know about water damage and home insurance
Water damage is one of the most commonly cited reasons in claims on home insurance. This should not come as a surprise considering the many possible causes of water damage. However, not all claims for damages due to similar causes will be paid by insurance companies. Here's what to know. Read more

Five ways to save money on homeowners insurance
Five ways to save money on homeowners insurance
Finding ways to save money on homeowners insurance may not be as difficult as you might think. Here are five simple ways that you might save significant premium dollars each year, while still having the level of protection that you need. Read more

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We strive to provide comprehensive listings of home insurance in Washington to help you compare home insurance quotes quickly and easily. We hope to simplify the comparison process, and, in the end, help you find the best homeowners insurance rates in Washington. For more information about home insurance, visit our home insurance FAQs.

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Consumers putting their money in different places now

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Tips on evaluating cash back credit cards

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