What are 1010 dial around services?

Monday, June 8th, 2009

What are 1010 dial around services?

1010 dial around services explained

Dial around services are basically “cheap” long distance service plans in which the caller bypass his or her current long distance carrier by dialing a toll-free access number. Dial around plans may offer significant savings compared to the rates charged by your current provider.

But, as with all products and services, things are never created equally. A 1010 dial around plan that is perfect for your calling patterns might be ineffective and possibly more costly for someone else. Here are some things to consider and evaluate.

  • Not all plans work in all states. Check to see the plans your state supports.
  • Some local phone carriers do not support all plans. Once again, check with your local carrier to see what long distance plans they support.
  • Most billing rules are in one minute increments.
  • 1010 call around plans cannot normally be used with cell phones, hospital room phones, inmate calling services, some businesses, and some dorm rooms.
  • Dial around plans cannot normally be used outside of the United States.
  • You do not need a separate long distance service carrier.

Whether you make many instate long distance, state-to-state, or international telephone calls, 1010 dial around plans can save you a lot of money every month. The majority of plans will appear as part of your local telephone bill, with your dial around companies (if you have more than one plan) separated.

Examine the dial around services available in your state. If you often call London or Rome, find the one with the lowest international rates. Should you spend much more time calling your mother in Orlando, your brother in Boston, and your daughter in San Francisco, look for the dial around phone service that has the best rates and reliability for state-to-state calls.

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