With so many choices, how can I select the best plan?

Monday, June 8th, 2009

With so many choices, how can I select the best plan?

How to select the best long distance plan

With such an extensive menu of long distance companies offering calling plans, you should try to conduct a thorough investigation before selecting the best option for you. Exercise good judgment – don’t simply select the one that seems best at first glance. Here are some items to consider before you select long distance phone service.

Let’s say that you find a long distance plan that offers state-to-state long distance rates at very low cost, say $0.035 per minute. However, you neglect to check out their in-state long distance calling rates and most of your long distance calls are made to other parts of your state.

When you do, you discover your in-state long distance rates are $0.079 per minute. Another plan you were considering had state-to-state rates of $0.049 per minute, but their in-state long distance dialing cost only $0.055, saving you over $0.02 per minute. Since the majority of your calls are in-state, you would save more money with plan number two, which has a higher state-to-state rate.

Should you make regular international long distance calls, you should closely examine the overseas long distance rates offered by different long distance carriers. While it is difficult to find long distance telephone service that provides you with unlimited or flat rate overseas calls, you might locate a long distance plan that offers you the lowest rates to the countries you call most often.

Compare these long distance rates with the state-to-state and in-state long distance dialing options offered to select the most cost effective plan for you.

You might also wish to consider using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone service. Using the Internet as your phone system, you often receive unlimited long distance calls for both state-to-state and in-state destinations and very low international calling long distance rates.

You’ll need an up to date computer and high speed Internet service to use this feature but it may save you many dollars per month.

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