Is it really necessary to use a credit monitoring service?

Monday, June 1st, 2009

Should I use a credit monitoring service?

Obviously, signing up with a credit monitoring service is optional. Some people feel it is unnecessary to sign up with a credit monitoring service, while others feel that it is an extrememly important safeguard.

If you have been a past victim of identity theft or fraud you may actually prefer to sign up with a service. You can (and should) take precautions to keep yourself from being a victim like shredding credit offers as well as keeping your social security number and other personal information from getting into the wrong hands.

However, even if you do everything possible to keep from letting your information out it can still happen by no fault of your own. Banks, stores, and other financial institutions have fallen victim to thieves who have acquired credit card numbers or other personal information.

Credit monitoring is just one step you can put in place to catch identity theft or credit fraud attempt early. With credit monitoring, you will be notified when there is activity on your credit file, so you can act quickly in the event of wrongdoing.

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