What should I look for in a gas credit card?

Friday, June 19th, 2009

What should I look for in a gas credit card?

Know the terms

Gas credit cards seem like a great idea. Most people spend a good amount of money on gas every week, so it makes sense to have a credit card that rewards you for your fuel purchases that you would have made anyway.

The allure of earning rewards from buying gas, however, should not blind you to the fact that you still need to do the same amount of research with gas cards that you would for any other credit card.

Don’t just look at an ad for a gas rebate card and immediately apply because it seems like such a great idea. People may not realize that there are countless variations available when it comes to gas credit cards, so you should not snatch up the first one you come across.

Some cards offer low interest rates, some cards offer fantastic rebates, and some cards offer low fees, but the trick is to find one card that features all these things while also giving you a credit limit high enough for your needs.

Review a couple of gas rebate credit cards and then apply for the one that best fits your needs. Be sure that you aren’t applying without first having read through all the terms and conditions thoroughly.

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