Is it always difficult to redeem travel rewards?

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

Is it always difficult to redeem travel rewards?

Travel rewards and restrictions

Are you familiar with the horror stories about various airline mile credit cards that make the process of redeeming the rewards so difficult that cardholders find it nearly impossible to earn anything substantial from the card?

Rest assured that not all travel reward cards are this restrictive, and in most cases it is relatively easy to utilize the rewards you earn by making purchases on the card.

The most important thing you can do is to thoroughly review the terms and conditions of a travel reward card before you apply. Credit card companies are required to disclose the terms of these programs to applicants, and it is by reviewing this information that you will find out about blackout dates, airline restrictions, and point expiration dates.

If the disclosures still leave you with questions then you should contact a customer service representative and ask any specific questions that you have. If you have good credit you should have no problem finding a suitable travel reward card which is not fraught with restrictive rules that will keep you from using the points you earned.

What good is a travel reward card if you never use the points you earn by making purchases?

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