How can I get a credit card while I am a student?

Friday, June 19th, 2009

How can I get a credit card while I am a student?

Apply for a student credit card

Most college students do not have any credit established when they start school. This is where student credit cards come into the mix. College can be a good time to start building a credit history by applying for a student credit card.

These types of credit cards are often marketed to students under the assumption that the students (applicants) have little or no credit hostory.

These credit cards can help a student build their credit history, which can, in turn, potentially help them obtain loans in the future.

If a student makes monthly payments on time each month and doesn’t overuse the card, he/she can quickly put himself/herself in a position to benefit financially. Establishing a good credit history as a student can potentially help that person get better deals on car loans, home loans, new credit cards and more in the future.

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