What are the best cash back credit cards?

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

What are the best cash back credit cards?

Finding the best cash back cards

When looking for the best cash back credit cards, consider the terms that are being offered in addition to the cash rewards. A credit card that requires a hefty annual fee may cost you more than you are getting back in cash rewards. The wrong card can also end up costing you if you have a high interest rate.

To get the best benefit from cash back credit cards, you should not carry a balance from month to month. You can also look for a cash back credit card that gives additional cash back on certain types of purchases. Some cards, for example, give higher percentages of cash back on grocery or gas purchases.

Finding the cash back credit card that fits your needs can be made easier by reading the terms and conditions of each offer that you consider. One thing to pay close attention to is whether or not the card has an annual fee.

Some, but not all, cash back credit cards carry an annual fee. Is it worth it to use a cash back card that has an annual fee? In many cases, getting a cash back card with no annual fee is the way to go. Many cash back cards now have no annual fee, and this can only help to keep your cash rewards in your pocket.

If you do opt to apply for a cash back credit card that has an annual fee, make sure that the terms of the card make up for the additional cost. You should be able to earn more cash back faster or have other benefits that are not included with a no-annual-fee card.

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