What is iDEN technology?

Sunday, May 31st, 2009

What is iDEN technology?

iDEN technology features

Integrated Digital Enhanced Network (iDEN) technology, originally designed by Motorola, is used with the Sprint/Nextel service in the U.S. iDEN technology is also offered in countries as diverse as Canada, Argentina, Japan, and Israel. Nextel and iDEN were made famous by their ability to combine the features of a two-way radio – push to talk to people in your radio network – and true cell phones.

Since Sprint purchased Nextel, there is uncertainty about the long-term use of iDEN with this company, as Sprint uses CDMA technology to service its cell phone users.

Another feature of iDEN technology that many users like is its use of a SIM (Subscriber Identification Module) just as GSM phones do. Should you switch from iDEN to GSM, your SIM card, containing your entire phone book and contact information, can often be used in your new GSM phone to eliminate the tedious re-entry of your saved data.

While the real possibility of Sprint/Nextel converting all service to CDMA, iDEN still projects no other service changes. iDEN technology continues to be supported and improved. The other countries and private cell phone systems in the U.S. that use iDEN remain committed to continue using this technology with success.

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  • Alexander Gonzalez Says:

    Can I unlock my motorola i686 from boos mobil, to use with any other carrier??????

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