What are calling circles?

Sunday, May 31st, 2009

What are calling circles?

About calling circles

Some wireless calling plans offer the use of personal networks or calling circles. The idea of a calling circle is that you can designate a certain amount of phone numbers as part of your personal calling circle and any calls to and from these numbers will be of no charge to you.

You choose which telephone numbers are in your calling circle and change them as often as once a month. Sometimes, you are not even limited to mobile numbers or cell phone numbers within your network. In these cases, the numbers can be to any phone – landline or cellular.

As of November 2007, one of the most commonly known calling circle program is T-Mobile’s "MyFaves." You can designated five phone numbers as "MyFaves" and calls to and from these numbers are free.

One thing to keep in mind is that cellular phone plans that include calling circles can be more expensive per month than standard plans. Be sure to research to make sure that the additional monthly cost of the plan is worth the money you’d save by calling the people in your circle without the plan.

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