Where can I find general auto insurance information online?

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

Explore your State’s Department of Insurance website

Every State in the country has a Department of Insurance. The sites for these entities include information that is vital when you are comparing auto insurance.

Your State’s Department of Insurance can provide you with a ton of general rate information for major carriers. By reviewing this information, you can compare car insurance companies and narrow down your choices before asking a handful of companies for quotes.

You can find the listings for each State’s department of insurance on the National Association of Insurance Commissioners Web site, NAIC.org.

From the front page of this site, click on "Link to Department of Insurance Web sites" in the left side bar. On the next page you will find a map. Click on your state and you will be taken to your state’s department of insurance.

Once on your state Web site, you can find a multitude of statistics, comparisons and other vital information about insurance providers throughout the state.

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