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Compare the latest cell phone deals, including deals that include a free cell phone. Our in-depth, unbiased comparisons make it easy to find the cell phone, wireless carrier and calling plan that best fits your needs. Select an option below to get started.

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We partnered with phonedog.com to provide unbiased cell phone comparisons. We compare all of the leading online cell phone distributors along with the carriers plans.

Be sure to utilize all of our tools to find the right carrier, plan and phone. You can search for deals by carrier or by plan, read unbiased reviews, or view phones by manufacturer. You can also search deals that include a free cell phone with new service or browse prepaid specials.

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About our cell phone comparisons

We strive to provide comprehensive listings of cell phone deals and wireless carriers to help you find a cell phone and calling plan that meets your specific needs. We hope to make the comparison process simple and easy and, in the end, help you save money on your overall cell phone and wireless costs. For information about any cell phone topics, visit our cell phone FAQs.

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Buying a Cell Phone - A Consumer's Guide
Buying a cell phone - A consumer's guide
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Advantages of prepaid cell phone plans
Advantages of prepaid cell phone plans
Many people love the convenience and safety that a cell phone can provide, but they do not love the monthly cell phone bill.  Prepaid cell phone plans can be the perfect choice for those who only use their cell phones occasionally. Read more

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Cell Phone Tips

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