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Search for certificate of deposit (CD) accounts in New Jersey. Compare CD rates in New Jersey and find an option that meets your needs. Refine your search by entering your ZIP code, type of CD account and/or sorting by features.

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Minimum Deposit
Bethpage Federal Credit Union
11/27/151.98 2.00$50
Teachers Federal Credit Union
11/27/151.93 1.95$1,000
First Republic Bank
Northpointe Bank
11/27/151.69 1.70$1,000
M.Y. Safra Bank, FSB
11/27/151.65 1.66$5,000
Astoria Bank
11/27/151.64 1.65$500
Ulster Savings Bank
11/27/151.52 1.55$500
Spring Bank
11/27/151.50 1.51$250
Armed Forces Bank, N.A.
11/27/151.29 1.30$500
Rhinebeck Bank
11/27/151.29 1.30$2,000
Apple Bank for Savings
11/27/151.24 1.25$1,000
The Provident Bank
11/27/151.15 1.16$500
Queens County Svgs Bk
The National Bank of Delaware County
11/27/151.00 1.00$500
Investors Bank
11/27/150.98 1.00$500
City National Bank of New Jersey
11/27/151.00 1.00$500
Radius Bank
11/27/151.00 1.00$500
Burke & Herbert Bank & Trust Company
11/27/150.65 0.65$500
First Tennessee Bank, NA
ESL Federal Credit Union
11/27/150.55 0.55$500
11/27/150.50 0.50$500
Wells Fargo
11/27/150.35 0.35$2,500
Chase Bank
11/27/150.25 0.25$1,000
Bank of America
11/27/150.15 0.15$1,000
11/27/150.15 0.15$1,000
Applied Bank
Ridgewood Savings Bank
11/26/151.57 1.60$500
Pendleton Community Bank, Inc.
11/26/151.24 1.25$500
Amalgamated Bank
11/25/151.65 1.65$500
The Dime Savings Bank of Williamsburgh
11/25/151.59 1.60$500
The North Country Savings Bank
11/25/151.04 1.05$1,000
Genesee Regional Bank

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